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Spotlight on Women in Home Design and Construction

Spotlight on Women in Home Design and Construction

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A quick glance at most job sites, building-supply yards, or construction-industry literature will give the impression that men are doing almost all of the work in the industry, but browsing through the pages of Fine Homebuilding you will find that women have always been deeply involved in every aspect of the business, from manufacturing the raw materials to adding the finishing touches on a new home and everything in between. We’ve collected a selection of articles and videos from our archives to highlight the stories and outstanding construction and design work done by many of these women.

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    Lead carpenter Carrie Healy talks about what it will take to get more women in the trade and her passion for restoring old homes.

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    The contrast of a hard day’s effort and an evening’s rest inspires this mason to make beautiful things that last.

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    In this Pro-Talk podcast, Patrick talks to architect Emily Mottram about high-performance building.

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    “I took a really big risk … in an industry where people don’t look like me.”

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    With acid-based stains, you can add an attractive, low-maintenance finish to ordinary concrete floors.

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    Learn what it means to Brooke to be a master painter, and why she chooses Benjamin Moore products to ensure a long-lasting paint job.

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    Editor’s note: We didn’t quite have room for the entire interview in the recent issue of Fine Homebuilding so we’re posting it here SUSAN MARVIN, WINDOW MANUFACTURER Keeping a labor…

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    Choose muntins, glazing, sidelites, and decorative patterns to match the style of your home when buying a new front door.

  • 9


    Net-zero-energy use and whimsical details shine in a new family home

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    In this Pro-Talk podcast Patrick talks to lead carpenter Dejah Leger of Irons Brothers Construction in Shoreline Washington.

  • 11


    Carpenter Maria Klemperer-Johnson shows how to make a router jig to create a smooth transition for this tricky porch-railing connection.

  • 12


    This book excerpt features 4 homes that represent essential design strategies for building comfortable small homes.

  • 13

    Building scientist Christine Williamson discusses how to design and build stucco buildings that don’t leak.

  • 14


    Add a little texture and a lot of character to your walls with a decorative painter’s formula for glazing.

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    What happens when you meet your heroes in Vegas? Carpenter and FHB ambassador Elly Hart recounts her experience at IBS 2020 and interviews three influential industry experts.

  • 16


    Three remodels evoke the spirit and staying power of modernist design.

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    In this Pro-Talk podcast, Patrick talks to Brooke Cambridge, a painting contractor from Salem, Mass.

  • 18


    Six small boxes joined behind a simple face frame exploit a shallow space.

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    Founder of a school of carpentry for women, this builder and teacher is working to shift the perceptions of a changing industry.

  • 20


    Watch award-winning architect Tina Govan share practical advice for creating more comfortable and efficient houses.

  • 21


    The founder of an eponymous foundation, she is making sure that the history of women’s work in the built environment is not forgotten.

  • 22


    Need more living space? Use this list to see if you have affordable options under your existing roof.

  • 23


    Red Feather Development is in its 20th year of working with tribal communities to build safe and adequate housing.

  • 24


    Architects Sarah Susanka and Tina Govan collaborate on a one-of-a-kind project that provides lessons in comfort, craft, and flexible living at all stages of life.

  • 25


    In this Pro-Talk Podcast, Patrick talks to Tara Murray, director of marketing for Benjamin Obdyke.

  • 26


    Minnesota architect Rachel Wagner shares tips for making window and door details attractive, functional, and easy to install when building a home with thick, well-insulated walls.

  • 27


    This edition of Pro-Talk podcast features Dr. Rachel Arango Research Entomologist with the US Forest Service

  • 28


    A small, day-lit house deep in the Tennessee woods brings one retirement couple closer to their natural surroundings.

  • 29


    Carpenter Elly Hart talks about transitioning to a career in the trades.

  • 30


    With the right guidelines, everyone can easily construct and benefit from an accessible entry to their homes

  • 31


    Can a 150-year-old house approach net-zero energy use? Three case studies point the way from the 19th to the 21st century.

  • 32


    In this Pro-Talk podcast Patrick talks to architect Katie Hutchison about the role of architects, small houses and her interests in photography, fine art, and writing.

  • 33


    Improve bathroom storage and style with a simple wall recess.

  • 34


    Birch-bark ceilings, a sleeping porch ,and plenty of fireplaces harken back to an earlier era.

  • 35


    In an excerpt from her book, The Simple Home, architect Sarah Nettleton describes the process behind creating a home that embodies “the luxury of enough.”

  • 36


    Often crammed into whatever space remains on a floor plan, closets deserve thoughtful location, layout, and outfitting.

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