Where To Order Passover Seder Dinners In New York City

Where To Order Passover Seder Dinners In New York City

It’s socially distant Seder 2.0. Yes, Jewish New Yorkers will be celebrating their second Passover in a pandemic, but it’s not all bad. For one, fully vaccinated families can safely gather together inside, and if the weather holds up, others can perhaps host a Seder outdoors. But for those relegated to yet another year of reciting the four questions via Zoom and streaming The Ten Commandments during another day of self-quarantine, a pick-me-up may be in order. In this year-plus of takeout, many New York restaurants are stepping up to offer Passover to-go. Here’s where to order from:

Sami & Susu

Named after an Arab-Israeli TV show, this pandemic-born Middle Eastern restaurant will ring in its first passover pandemic-style, with a pre-order seder starting at $60 per person. Packages include matzo ball soup, charoset, radicchio and asparagus salad, potato kugel, artichoke rice pilaf, chopped liver and the choice of two entrees, like a whole roasted chicken or red wine braised brisket.

Breads Bakery

Despite the name, Breads can also be the perfect bread-free source of all things Passover. The kosher-style menu serves 4-6 people for $295 and includes starters like matzo ball soup, gefilte fish with horseradish (additional $20), and choices of matzo brie, green salad, green beans, Moroccan fish with rice and more. A Passover cookie assortment and flourless chocolate cake is included. Baked goods can also be shipped nationwide.

Ipsa Provisions

This fine frozen food DTC caterer now offers deliveries throughout most of New York City and Westchester. Ipsa chef and co-owner Micah Fredman has created a special menu that will arrive frozen, for Seder night or otherwise. The ala carte menu include matzo ball soup, brisket with carmelized date and onion sauce, and potato kugel. Order by March 21 for delivery the 22nd, 23rd or 25th. A dessert by pastry chef Zoe Kanan will also be included.

Great Performances

A full dinner for four from New York based caterer Great Performances will be delivered via Baldor. The menu includes matzo ball soup, red wine and port braised brisket, tri-colored carrot tzimmes, and quinoa pilaf with red beets and kale. For dessert, a super dense flourless chocolate cake. This meal arrives fully cooked and cold on Thursday, March 25, and must be reheated before enjoying. Order via

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