Betting Odds Set For President Biden’s First Press Conference: Bet On Gaffes, Masks & Border Crisis Concerns

Betting Odds Set For President Biden’s First Press Conference: Bet On Gaffes, Masks & Border Crisis Concerns

President Joe Biden is scheduled to host his first public press conference Thursday, March 25th, more than two full months after entering office. Now the first modern president to go more than 60 days without formally hosting a news conference, Biden takes to the podium as the crisis at the border escalates and cries for gun control amplify.

With political pundits eager to witness Biden address these issues and more, sportsbooks are already setting lines as to what the President will touch on first.

“The political landscape has been a bit dull since the Trump Administration exited,” joked Josh Barton of “Hopefully we’ll get a few decent moments from Biden tomorrow, and there’s no better way to spice up a traditionally dull media session than with prop bets on what will happen.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is always quick to tout vaccination numbers and boast about the rollout speeds being seen across the nation. Betting odds expect Biden to touch on the COVID situation first, with the President saying the word “Vaccination” or “Vaccine” before stating “COVID”, “Coronavirus”, or “Stimulus.”

At -200, or wager $200 to win $100, Barton and his team of political oddsmakers all suspect that Biden will want to open on a high note by promoting the administration’s vaccination claims.

Bettors can also take a punt as to which recent crisis the President addresses first, with gun control being the most favorable option at -400 compared to a somewhat self-inflicted border migrant crisis at +250.

“Where many are quick to point the finger at the new administration for the increasing tension at the border, we estimate that Biden will mention the concerns, but later in his conversations as to downplay the severity.”

The recency of the Boulder, Colorado incident also makes it highly likely that the President will comment on the gun situation earlier in the conference.

The Biden administration’s ability to resolve both of these issues while navigating the COVID recovery will be imperative to retaining the White House in 2024. While Biden serves as the face of these efforts, Vice President Kamala Harris is actually listed as the betting favorite to win the 2024 Presidential Election. Currently on offer at +450, Harris leads Joe Biden +550 and Donald Trump Sr. +800.

With the nation’s economy looking to rebound following the COVID induced shutdowns, bettors can also wager on how the financial markets will respond to Biden’s comments.

“The stock and crypto worlds have been up and down in recent weeks so it will be interesting to see how those markets react to what Biden has to say. Early wagering from our bettors are suggesting Wall Street will be down that day.”

“The other big mover in terms of betting has been Biden wearing a mask to the podium. About 96% of our customers think he’ll be masked up for the presser.”

Oddsmakers aren’t necessarily letting bettors predict Biden’s stance on specific topics per se, but more or less wager as to what he has decided to touch on. The Biden administration is notoriously restrictive with letting the President engage in open discussions, but it is highly likely that his statements are well prepared and he will likely be direct, yet short, with his comments on each.

President Biden Press Conference Betting Odds Via SportsBetting.AG

Will Biden have on a mask when he walks to the podium?

Yes -130

No -110

Primary color of Biden’s tie

Blue -300

Red +210

Black +500

White +1000

What will Biden say first?

Vaccine/Vaccination -200

COVID/coronavirus +200

Stimulus/package +400

Which topic will Biden address first?

Gun control -400

Border migrants +250

Will Biden commit a political gaffe? (For wagering purposes, a political gaffe is an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator.)

Yes -150

No +110

Will Biden approval rating be higher or lower?

Higher -140

Lower +100

Will Dow Jones be up or down at market close on 3/25/21?

Up -175

Down +135

Will Bitcoin be up or down on 3/25/21?

Up -140

Down +100

Published at Thu, 25 Mar 2021 03:05:00 +0000