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The smartest new design for your home has landed from Swann, and it changes everything

The smartest new design for your home has landed from Swann, and it changes everything

Smart design comes in many forms. This year, we’ve been looking at decorating with terracotta (the ‘it’ shade for the season), bursts of yellow accessories the colour of the sun, and even wallpapered white goods. Yes, really. What a piece needs to be thought of as smart is to look good, to perform its function well and to make your life easier or happier, or both. Ticking all those boxes is the latest bit of home tech kit we’ve been excited to get our hands on. Step forward Swann, the global leader in do-it-yourself home security, with its new completely wireless camera. 

The sleekly stylish camera – which fits into our desire for tech that integrates well into the rest of our decor – is a doddle to install so it’s great for those that might not have had a security system before. It can be used for indoor and outdoor surveillance around the home and garden (yes, it’s fully weatherproof) so, essentially, you’ll never miss a thing. You just download the Swann Security app and save footage clips as and when you need them – hassle-free surveillance


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The rather clever design of the Wire-Free Security Camera can deliver clear 1080p images, all of which is stored and available on cloud for upto seven days (rolling), and there’s no need to worry if you lose internet connection or suffer a power outage as it just gets backed up to the cloud later. 

This is a particularly smart feature of the tech design because it means you won’t lose valuable recording material and you can access important footage for up to one week.

What else should a security camera offer? Well, as good a view of the area it is protecting as possible. The Wire-Free Security Camera offers a wide 180° view. Good news, surely, as this means that it returns optimal recording results of the area it’s overlooking – remember that’s indoor and outdoor – and you don’t need as many cameras to cover different areas. It’s a neat and compact design, plus it’s more cost effective because you don’t need as many. Bearing in mind it has free face recognition and 2-way talk, we think this is a very clever little security camera to have around the home indeed. If you don’t have a security system already in place, then consider this one.


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Do you need to cover multiple areas and spaces? That’s no problem either. You can even link cameras together to capture each area and form what Swann terms ‘a security ecosystem’ and you can add Swann fully wired DVR or NVR cameras and track everything via smart mobile phone alerts and the Swann Security App

According to the Office For National Statistics Survey a staggering 65% of home robbery incidents took place during nighttime hours (from 6pm to 6am) during 2019-2020, as opposed to any other time of day. Swann has you covered with the Wire-free Security Camera as it has built-in True Detect™ heat and motion sensing – ensuring you get reliable alerts – as well as infrared night vision that allows you to see in the dark up to 8 metres from the camera. What does this mean? It means you can sleep peacefully in the knowledge that your home is being protected. That can only be a good thing, right?

Swann security camera

(Image credit: Swann)

Mike Lucas, CEO of Swann, has commented: “We are proud to announce the release of the new Wire-Free Security Camera, which delivers high-performance smart security with a comprehensive set of features while keeping true to our tradition of low cost of ownership and ease of use.”

Want to know more? Swann is a global leader in do-it-yourself security monitoring and has been providing innovative yet cost-effective security and consumer electronics solutions for over 30 years. The Swann Wire-Free Security Camera (£149.99/US$149/AU$249) is available now online and from leading retail stores. Visit Swann for more information.

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Published at Mon, 29 Mar 2021 10:23:25 +0000