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OM meets… Fiona Agombar

OM meets… Fiona Agombar

One day when I was really struggling, Sarah got into her car, drove for two hours, took me back to her house and literally nursed me while I rested, so I could then go back and look after Alan again. She did this a couple of times and I don’t think I would have got through without her kindness. She is a true yogini. Leah also came to visit and would pour soup down my throat and massage Alan’s shoulders when he was in pain.

Meanwhile, when I could, I was researching my book Yoga Therapy for Stress, Burnout and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The publisher kept delaying the publishing date – in the end it was put back by four years. The book is a complete work of heart because I lived through what I was writing about. I finished the manuscript around the same time that my husband died at the end of 2019, so I feel that the book and Alan are very connected.

Leah made fantastic contributions to the manuscript and Sarah read through many drafts and added wise comments. I will always be grateful to both of them because it couldn’t have been written without them. When I was writing, I had no idea the book would come out in the middle of a pandemic.

Luckily, my publisher gave me a couple of weeks at the proof stage in July 2020 to add in ideas that were relevant to the virus before it went to press, as I was just beginning to teach people with long-Covid.

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