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3 Unique Ways You Can Use Himalayan Pink Salt in Your Wellness Routine

3 Unique Ways You Can Use Himalayan Pink Salt in Your Wellness Routine

Pink salt went from under-the-radar wellness aisles in local health stores to shelves at Trader Joe’s in just a few years — and the trend has landed everywhere from boutique spas to cookware sets at luxury retailers. If we know anything about Himalayan pink salt, it’s that it’s here to stay, even if its health halo is contested by medical experts.

Pink salt is indeed made from rock crystals of salt that have been mined in South Asian regions nestled beneath or around the Himalayas, often sourced from Pakistan, per this NPR report. Its signature hue has wellness fanatics entranced, but it’s not too different from traditional iodized salt, according to experts.

Amy Rothenberg, ND, a Massachusetts-based naturopathic doctor with a private practice, acknowledges that pink salt gets its unique makeup from trace amounts of minerals, including potassium, calcium and magnesium, among others. But she tells Good Housekeeping that patients often mistake indiscernible mineral counts as a reason to load up on pink salt over other seasonings — or just additional sodium overall.

“There’s no reason not to use Himalayan pink salt, but don’t up or overdo your intake thinking you’ll benefit from much higher levels of minerals and vitamins,” Rothenberg explains. Plus, most pink salt products are not iodized, which won’t help you avoid dietary issues like goiters in the long run.

While there may not be a dietary benefit associated with Himalayan pink salt, there are many ways one can safely use it in a wellness routine at home. In some cases, pink salt may be a solution to a bothersome issue you’re experiencing; namely, dry skin that needs exfoliation or a sore throat. Follow along as we explore all the wellness perks associated with pink salt below.

What are some possible benefits of using Himalayan pink salt?

Since the average American diet tends to have way too much of it, salt often sustains a bad rap with healthcare providers. But experts at the Cleveland Clinic maintain that salt (in appropriate servings!) is an essential addition to daily routines, as this mineral helps your body retain and balance fluids. Here are some other ways Himalayan pink salt can keep you outside of sprinkling it over your cooking and meals:

  1. A pleasurable foot soak: For those who don’t love using lotions and creams for dry, wintery skin, a Himalayan brine bath may help revitalize your skin without too much effort on your behalf. Previous research suggests dermal absorption in a salt-heavy solution could benefit your skin; particularly, magnesium may help promote hydration in this case. Try soaking dry skin in warm water and a heavy pour of pink salt, and if you’re experiencing some form of skin inflammation, you may wish to also to add additional magnesium flakes as well.
  2. A soothing option for sore throats: Gargling saltwater to cool off an otherwise inflamed sore throat is a great DIY homebound solution. The pink salt can help reduce swelling and keep your mouth clean; you should use about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per cup of warm water. Do it a few times daily when you’re experiencing a cold, and you’ll be on the mend sooner rather than later.
  3. A great exfoliator: Salt scrubs are far from new, but making them from pink salt may be the freshest addition to your DIY routine this year. While you should be able to sub Himalayan pink salt into any salt scrub recipe you already use, you can also simply combine medium-grain Himalayan salt with almond or olive oil and just a few drops of essential oil or another aromatic of your choice. Exfoliation can help keep your skin smooth due to the role that it plays in skin cell reproduction, per the American Academy of Dermatology. We recommend using it on your body as oppose to your face.

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