Peter’s race against time to marry Carla in Corrie

Peter’s race against time to marry Carla in Corrie

Peter and Carla commit to spending the rest of their lives together in Coronation Street, as the pair prepare to marry for the second time in a small and intimate wedding ceremony.

However, with alcoholic Peter’s health deteriorating by the hour while he awaits a liver transplant, it sadly looks as though the groom-to-be won’t make it to the register office before tragedy strikes…

Carla gives Peter the opportunity more than once to postpone the wedding, and tells him she will always be there for him – married or not,” reveals actress Alison King, who plays her, in this week’s Inside Soap. “But at the back of Peter’s mind, he thinks that he might die and never get the chance to marry Carla. He makes it clear to her that this is what he wants.”

In the lead-up to their big day, Peter anxiously heads to an appointment with the hospital’s transplant centre, to assess whether he is a suitable candidate for a new liver. It’s a huge moment for the Barlows as they pray for a breakthrough in Peter’s recovery, prompting the family to discuss what happens next over a video call. Peter informs the Barlows that he’s planning a small hotel wedding for him and Carla, and that he doesn’t wish for the family to attend.

When Peter says that he wants a small wedding, Carla thinks, ‘Great – that’s perfect,’” shares Alison. “With everything they’ve had to cope with recently, the last thing they need is more pressure!”

Nevertheless, as the special day arrives, Peter is clearly a very ill man – and when Daniel catches sight of him, he implores his brother to postpone the wedding. However, Peter is having none of it and, after a heart-to-heart prompts Daniel to recall losing his wife Sinead so soon after their wedding, Peter’s more determined than ever to go through with the service and make Carla his wife.

With that, he insists that Daniel accompany him to the register office as his best man, while Carla emerges from the café in her wedding dress, having asked Roy to give her away.

Meanwhile, with all the fight that he has left, Peter stumbles up the aisle to meet his bride…

Daniel wants to get Peter to the hospital urgently, but Carla knows how much Peter wants to get married – so they go ahead with getting him to the hotel,” shares Alison. “Peter is so poorly, though, and as Carla starts to say her vows, it looks very unlikely that they are going to get their happy ending after all…”

Peter considers his bleak future in Coronation Street

Will Carla and Peter end the day as man and wife, with Peter hanging on long enough to receive his liver transplant? Or will fate deal them a cruel blow – and tear them apart forever? Hear more from Alison in the new issue of Inside Soap – it’s on sale now. Scroll down to find out how to get it delivered to your front door or device if you’re currently staying at home.

Inside Scoop: Peter's race against time to marry Carla in Coronation Street

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