This secret Sky Q trick means you’ll never lose your remote ever again

This secret Sky Q trick means you’ll never lose your remote ever again

As T3 stated in our Sky Q review, the TV service “delivers a supreme viewing experience” that is “best-in-class brilliance” and that its “incredible slick UI makes finding and consuming content a pleasure”.

And, while that is all true, what Sky Q can’t do is avoid you misplacing your remote control, thereby being left unable to enjoy any of that first class entertainment. Oh no, wait, it can.

Yes, that’s right. What many people don’t know is that Sky Q comes with a secret remote finding feature that makes discovering the location of errant controls easy.

As noted on the official Sky website, the find remote feature works like this. If you find yourself unable to discover where your paired Sky Q remote is then simply stroll up to your Sky Q box and press the “Q” button for a few seconds. This will then cause the hidden Sky remote to start beeping for a duration of 30 seconds, allowing you to track it down audibly.

Once the Sky Q remote is then in your hand then just press any button on the remote to stop the beeping sound. Simple.

As mentioned above, this feature works on any model of paired Sky Q remote, so you’ll be covered whatever version you have.

In other Sky Q news, the service’s most recent update has just unlocked user interface voice search integration for Disney Plus. This means that anyone who is subscribed to Disney Plus can now search for its content with their voice directly from the Sky user interface, making it quicker and easier to do than ever before.

The ability of Sky Q to unify the myriad of diverse content libraries on offer today under one super slick user interface is one of its absolute biggest strengths, and it now makes it even more common sense for any Sky Q user to also subscribe to Disney Plus, which offers the complete content libraries of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic, Star and The Simpsons.

Published at Thu, 08 Apr 2021 05:59:54 +0000