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Who Is Bulldog on ‘The Masked Singer’? Get All the Juicy Details About This Wildcard

Who Is Bulldog on ‘The Masked Singer’? Get All the Juicy Details About This Wildcard

What a *pawesome* performer Bulldog is proving to be on season 5 of The Masked Singer so far.

Even though we’ve only seen one performance of this wildcard contestant, we can tell that this lively dog is in it to win it. Of course, Bulldog will have to bring his A-game to the Fox competition series from here on out if he wants a chance to win against other season 5 standout contestants like Black Swan, Seashell, Russian Dolls and Robopine. Otherwise, Bulldog will have to “take it off!” and reveal his secret identity sooner rather than later.

While we wait to see how things shake out for our furry friend, take a look at the top guesses for Bulldog so far.

Who is Bulldog on The Masked Singer?

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Before we start calling out names, let’s review the clues:

  • Bulldog claims that he had to fend for himself his whole life and has stepped up to “any challenge” that has come his way.
  • While catching a football, Bulldog says he makes “moves on every green field with panthers and pit bulls” and calls himself “the sexiest dog alive.”
  • Bulldog’s clue package includes a dog bowl with “Super” written on it, a red convertible mural with “GT80” on the front, a phone with gold glitter on it, season 2’s Skeleton (Paul Shaffer) costume and a belt/collar that reads “B99.”
  • Bulldog dedicated his first performance to guest host Niecy Nash.
  • The men in black brought out a sign that said, “And … live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

    After analyzing the clues and listening to Bulldog sing “Candy Girl,” the judges threw out their best guesses. Right away, judge Ken Jeong drew a connection between Bulldog’s New York and Saturday Night Live clues to the “B99” collar, believing it might be Andy Samberg who stars on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But he also considered that it could be Chris Tucker based on Bulldog’s performance alone.

    Meanwhile, Jenny McCarthy initially interpreted the Saturday Night Live clue to be a sign it may be the one and only Eddie Murphy. But upon further analysis, she also threw out the name Chris Rock (who, of course, is also an SNL legend). As Jenny correctly pointed out, Chris was in the football movie The Longest Yard and starred in the 1999 comedy Dogma. Perhaps all the dog clues could be pointing to Chris!

    What do you think of the judges’ guesses so far? Are they onto something or, in your opinion, are they way off? Tell us in the comments below.

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