Top Rated Outdoor TVs for the Best Backyard Experience

Top Rated Outdoor TVs for the Best Backyard Experience

If you’ve been looking for more ways to enjoy your outdoor space, consider installing an outdoor TV to keep you—and your family—entertained once the sun goes down. Whether you’re into watching the latest blockbusters, watching the NHL playoffs, or bingeing reruns of The Office, an outdoor TV is the perfect way to bring people together in your household for a cozy night in. If you’ve been using a projector and want something in HD that offers a more permanent solution, an outdoor TV is the way to go. To take the guesswork out of making a decision, we’ve gathered the top rated options to elevate your patio.

What to Look For

Before you get an outdoor TV, consider the following: location, TV size, what type of wall mount you’ll need to fit the TV, whether or not you’ll need a sound system, and where you’ll be able to plug the TV in.

If you plan to place your TV under full sunlight, you’ll want something with anti-glare protection in addition to a unit that has a good nit rating; this is a standard unit for measuring luminance—the higher the number, the better the brightness of the display. For example, a 13-inch MacBook Pro has a 500 nit rating while the iPhone 12 has a nit rating of 625 and reaching up to an impressive 1,200 for HDR media. We advise going with a model that has a high nit rating for TVs that will be hit with direct sunlight.

You’ll also want to get a waterproof unit, especially if the TV won’t be covered by an awning or under a patio. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem since outdoor TVs are designed to withstand the elements, including harsher temperatures and wet conditions. Next, consider ambient noise and whether or not you’ll need a sound system to amplify the TV volume. You’ll also want to think about the setup of your backyard and where outlets are located.

How We Selected

We chose the options on this list after scouring bestselling, top rated options across various retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and more. We looked for the TVs that were weatherproofed and could withstand seasonal changes, subzero temperatures, wet conditions, and ambient noise. We also looked for units across various price points to fit every budget and TVs with high nit ratings for easy visibility in direct sunlight.

Our Top Pick

SunBriteTV Veranda Series Outdoor TV (55-inch)

For a relatively affordable, capable piece of tech.




  • One of the more affordable options on the market
  • Not designed for direct sunlight

This outdoor TV shows pictures in 4K HDR and offers a bright screen so you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies in shaded areas. Not only will you enjoy stellar footage, but the TV itself, plus its ports and remote, are all weatherproof. In fact, this bad boy can withstand freezing temps up to -24 degrees F.

The best part may be that this TV will fit wherever you want it since it comes in sizes up to 75-inches. The only downside is that while the speakers built into the system are fine if you live in a very quiet neighborhood, you’ll probably want to invest in outdoor speakers or a sound system if you’re near a busy street or a lot of commotion.

Pricey But Perfect

Samsung The Terrace Outdoor TV (55-inch)

For those unwilling to compromise on crystal clear picture quality.

The Terrace



  • Has smart TV capabilities

If you want the cream of the crop, then Samsung’s The Terrace outdoor TV is the pick for you. We’re talking a stunning 4K QLED display and anti-reflective coating in addition to a max brightness of 2,000 nits for optimal viewing even in direct sunlight.

The Terrace also has the WiFi and bluetooth connectivity so you can stream any media straight to your outdoor space. Plus, you can control settings with Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant. With an IP55 rating for its water and dust resistance, The Terrace is a stellar option if you can float the price tag.

Great for All Seasons

Furrion Aurora 4K Outdoor TV (49-inch)

Built to endure harsh climates.




$1,599.99 (11% off)

  • Designed to withstand harsh climates
  • Only wall mount compatible

Furion’s Aurora outdoor TV is a great fit for those living in an area that experiences all four seasons. Whether it’s blistering, freezing winds or hot summer days, this TV was designed to endure whatever the elements throw at it.

With an IP54 rating, the Aurora is capable of functioning in -4 degrees all the way through 122 degrees. Plus, it comes equipped with a sealed media bay on the back that prevents input/output controls from getting wet. This TV is meant to be mounted to a wall and comes in four sizes to maximize your outdoor space no matter how big or small it is.

Biggest Display

Peerless AV-UltraView UHD Outdoor TV (86-inch)

For those who want to see everything on a big, big screen.

UltraView 86



  • Display is crisp and clear with 4K UHD features

The Peerless AV-UltraView is a sight to behold—you will be able to watch movies in your backyard but feel like you’re at the theater with such a massive display right in front of you thanks to the 86-inch display. This behemoth offers up 900 nits of brightness, which makes it easy to watch TV in direct sunlight without issue.

All of this will come at a cost, though—and a pretty steep one at that. If you can spare ten grand to upgrade your outdoor space with a movie theatre experience, the Peerless AV-UltraView is a no brainer.

Small But Mighty

Séura Shade Series 2 Outdoor TV (43-inch)

For those who want the convenience of an outdoor TV without losing too much space.




  • A great pick for smaller spaces
  • Performs best in shaded areas, not direct sunlight

This TV is perfect if your outdoor space is limited and you don’t want a television taking up too much space. Séura’s weatherproof TV can be mounted on a wall or set up to stand on a level surface and can withstand temperature extremes ranging from -24 degrees to 140 degrees.

The screen is easy to see even with ambient outdoor lighting thanks to its 700 nit brightness paired with a 4K UHD with HDR display. This model also features several connectivity ports, comes with a soundbar, and has an IP56 water resistance rating.

Super Bright Display

Séura Ultra Bright Outdoor TV (55-inch)

For an uncompromising display in direct sunlight.

Ultra Bright



  • 1,000 nit brightness provides a crystal clear display
  • Steep price tag

Séura makes the list again with their Ultra Bright outdoor TV. The 55-inch model starts at a whopping $8,000 and larger displays only go up from here. If you’re looking to watch your favorite shows and movies in direct sunlight, the Ultra Bright is the TV you’ve been looking for.

Plus, this model boasts an impressive 1,000-nit brightness and comes fully weatherproofed (we’re talking about withstanding temps as low as -40 degrees and as high as 140 degrees!)

Intuitive Brightness Auto Adjust

KUVASONG Smart Outdoor TV (55-inches)

Comes with a soundbar for enhanced volume.




  • Smart TV connectivity
  • IR cord needs to be set up carefully to work

The KUVASONG smart outdoor TV features an external soundbar to help minimize ambient noise for a top notch movie night. This TV also has a 4K UHD anti-glare display making it easy to see without issue from almost any angle. Bonus: a wall mount is also included so you don’t have to worry about getting one separately.

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