Nina and Seb left fighting for life after horror attack in Corrie

Nina and Seb left fighting for life after horror attack in Corrie

Prepare to witness some truly horrific scenes in Coronation Street, as Nina and Seb are subjected to a violent hate-crime attack.

The lovebirds are out walking together when they’re set upon by bully Corey and his gang of followers – including Kelly – who lash out at Nina purely for the way she looks. And when Seb steps in to defend his girlfriend, both he and Nina end up fighting for their lives in hospital…

It’s no surprise that the ringleader of the attack is Corey, who’s made it very clear that he doesn’t like Nina. As Asha’s boyfriend, Corey doesn’t appreciate the fact that Nina once dated her, or that she continues to tell Asha that she can do better than a sleazebag like him. So, when he and his cronies encounter Nina and Seb walking together, drunk Corey quickly launches a verbal assault on them.

Nina and Seb are stalked by Corey's gang in Coronation Street

The sad thing is that Seb and Nina’s romance is currently going from strength to strength, leaving them both on cloud nine. But things are about to take a very sinister turn…

Everything’s good for Seb – it’s the stag night for his mum’s wedding to Kevin, and he’s ready to party and have a good time,” reveals Harry Visinoni, who plays him, in this week’s Inside Soap. “Seb and Nina set off to the warehouse where Seb has been working, to return Ed’s van keys after borrowing them. And once they have dropped the keys off, Nina suggests a walk by the canal.

On the walk they spot a group of teenagers, and Seb recognises a few of the faces, including Summer,” continues the star. As the gang starts to become more vicious towards Nina, Summer is clearly uneasy with what’s happening, and quickly leaves. Then, with Corey egging her on, Kelly lashes out and slaps Nina round the face! However, worse is to come as Nina and Seb flee the scene, only to be followed – and they become the victims of a violent and entirely unprovoked assault.

Seb isn’t looking for a fight,” insists Harry. “The gang is trying to intimidate Nina and they’re calling her names, which is upsetting for Seb. The names aren’t offending him, but it is angering him and scaring him to a degree where he is trying to get Nina out of the situation…”

Back on the Street, Abi and Kevin’s hen and stag parties are in full swing, with both bride and groom having a whale of a time. However, when the police arrive to break the news of the appalling hate crime, Abi’s happiness turns to fear and devastation – and both she and Roy rush to the hospital to find out how Seb and Nina are doing.

Roy’s left completely speechless when the nurse explains that Nina has received several blows to her head, and has been rushed into surgery. Seb’s injuries look pretty bad as well, and Abi just can’t believe her eyes once she sees them. However, the medics assure her they’re doing everything they can, and they’re hopeful that Seb will make a full recovery…

Whatever happens next, it’s clear that this savage attack will have huge ramifications for everyone involved. Get this week’s Inside Soap for more details of what’s to come – it’s on sale now…

Inside Scoop: Nina and Seb's horror attack in Coronation Street

  • For Seb and Nina’s story, Corrie scriptwriters worked closely with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation – a charity set up in the wake of a tragic real-life hate-crime attack which took place in 2007. Sophie was just 20 when she and her boyfriend, Robert Maltby, were brutally attacked while walking in a Lancashire park, simply because of the way they looked. Thirteen days later, Sophie died of her injuries – and her mother Sylvia set up the foundation in Sophie’s memory, to focus on creating respect for, and understanding of, subcultures in our communities. For more information, visit www.sophielancasterfoundation.com

Don’t miss a second of Corrie’s big week, with double episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – and while the focus is on Nina and Seb’s story, there’s plenty of other action on the cobbles too…

  • Tyrone tells Kevin that he will be his best man
  • Harvey closes in on Leanne…
  • …while Sharon continues to help Harvey!

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