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Podcast 350: 40th-Anniversary-Edition Interview With John Carroll

Podcast 350: 40th-Anniversary-Edition Interview With John Carroll

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Ian Schwandt, a podcast listener and FHB contributor, interviews John Carroll as part of FHB’s 40th anniversary.

John’s basement “BEFORE” photo:

John Carroll Basement before

Some of John’s articles:

Some of John’s books:

The Complete Visual Guide to Building a House
The detailed illustrations put this reference in a league of its own — it’s your single source for reliable instruction in building a house from foundation to finishing touches.
You don’t have to invest a fortune in space-age gadgetry to make accurate measurements, and you don’t need advanced training in math to build complex houses.
Working Alone
You won’t have to wait for a helper or pass up a job that seems too difficult to do alone. This book offers a myriad of unique solo solutions.

FHB-New Project Guides

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Published at Fri, 30 Apr 2021 05:00:14 +0000

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