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The best dog beds for stylish pets

The best dog beds for stylish pets

We’ve all heard the old adage: a dog is man’s best friend. Now imagine you have invited your human best friend over to stay with you. You wouldn’t offer them a musty blanket on the floor. You wouldn’t let them sleep without ensuring their total comfort. Would you?

In recent years, the choice of dog beds on offer has exploded and you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. But, fear not, because House & Garden’s editors are on hand to help you choose the best your dog can have.

What type of dog bed should I buy?

There are so many types of dog beds available nowadays so it’s important to know what will make your dog happiest. Experts and vets alike suggest that watching your dog sleep will help you understand a little more about their needs. Do they stretch out or curl up? If it’s the former, a mattress style bed would be a good choice. If it’s the latter, something cosy they can snuggle up in would suit.

Should I buy a memory foam dog bed?

Memory foam dog beds have moved more and more into mainstream shops. They are great for older dogs or ones with mobility issues as they provide support in a gentle way.

What material should I choose?

If your dog loves to chew, consider a heavy duty material or one with a guarantee. If your dog brings in dirty with their long hair and feathers, a machine washable bed would be a clever choice. Wicker baskets with soft blankets are also a good choice for this type of dog as you can wipe them down and change out the blankets.

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Published at Wed, 05 May 2021 11:44:58 +0000

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