This Slick Custom BMW R NineT Is Made From 3D-Printed Parts

This Slick Custom BMW R NineT Is Made From 3D-Printed Parts

Vagabund 2016 BMW R nineT (2)

Customizers love starting with the BMW R nineT as a base platform to create dream bikes. Hookie Co. used it for the Cobra, Zillers Garage transformed it into a cyberpunk commission, and now Vagabund Moto has made its “best motorcycle” ever out of the German scrambler. 

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It’s only the Austrian shop’s 15th build, but the client specifically asked, I would like to have the best motorcycle you’ve ever done,” co-founder Paul Brauchart told Bike EXIF. Vagabund’s previous “Whale”—a retro BMW R100R—served as the inspiration, especially for the custom’s monocoque. 

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“It was about reinterpreting ‘The Whale’ with a new 9T,” Brauchart said, “and giving it a more modern or futuristic look, consistent with this new motorcycle. All the bodywork was crazy stupid. We hadn’t planned to do an opening system like ‘The Whale,’ because underneath the fuel tank it’s packed with ugly electrics and tech stuff.”

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“Stupid as we are, we finally decided to double the work by doing a full aluminum body with a fuel tank, and additionally doing a second mono body over it.”

Vagabund 2016 BMW R nineT (8)

Vagabund tapped craftsman Bernard Naumann for the metal work, which entails the seat unit, monocoque tank, and under-seat storage unit with a custom-built remote cover that slides up and back on hydraulic shocks. The monocoque also houses a Motogadget dash, viewable from an acrylic window. 

Vagabund 2016 BMW R nineT (5)

Very few of the bike’s other components are off-the-shelf, as Vagabund designed everything from the aluminum hinges and front fender to the subframe and ceramic coated exhaust. 

Vagabund 2016 BMW R nineT (3)

The perforated seat’s leather was sourced locally from WerkDorf, and the built-in credit card wallet comes from Leatherman. A few OEM parts, including the fuel pump, air filter and air box are OEM to keep things street legal. 

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Visit Vagabund Moto’s website to learn more about the V15. 

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