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8 stylish pet buys for the home – luxury pet accessories you need

8 stylish pet buys for the home – luxury pet accessories you need

Should you be in search of gorgeous new pet buys to display in your home – and with pride – then you’ve landed in just the perfect place. Livingetc‘s Shopping Editor has handpicked eight seriously stylish pet accessories that you’ll want on show inside your four walls. To impress your guests or to add to your interior style, that is. Whether it’s a stylish cat litter box you are after or a pet sofa – perhaps you are searching for a new (and not-so lacklustre) water bowl that you won’t mind being on show in your kitchen? It’s all here – and waiting to be purchased below.

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1. This cactus-shaped cat scratching post for fashionable fun

Designed By Lotte - Wooden Cactus Cat Scratching Post

(Image credit: Designed by Lotte)

Designed By Lotte – Wooden Cactus Cat Scratching Post | £79.99 at Not in the Dog House
This cat scratching post needn’t be hidden behind a sofa or in a cupboard since it’s shaped like a cactus and it’s made using Manila rope – for style and durability purposes. We love it, and something tells us your feline friend will love it too.View Deal

2. This marble pet bowl for sipping in style

Archie Small Pet Bowl

(Image credit: Made)

Archie Small Pet Bowl | £35 at Made
This marble pet bowl is stylish and it will keep their water cool – even on a hot day. Whether your pet’s bowl lives in the kitchen, hallway or a utility room, this one isn’t one to hide away. For modern pets…View Deal

3. This smart Barbour collar to impress (furry) friends

Barbour Tartan Dog Collar| From £34.95 at John Lewis & Partners
Our Shopping Editor’s Pug, Doug, sports this collar every day – and he looks great in it. It comes in three sizes, it’s smart and it’s more than worth the money. They’ll wear it every single day of their life at home, in the park or wherever else…View Deal

4. A pet sofa – yes, such a thing exists

Moby Pet Sofa

(Image credit: Made)

Moby Pet Sofa | £129 at Made
A sofa for your pet? Yes, please. This doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t want to jump up on the human sofa for a snuggle, but it’ll look the part in your living room and they will love it for mid-afternoon naps. It also comes in two stylish colourways – pink or mustard – both with angled legs. It’s padded, stylish and will definitely add a pop of colour to your home.View Deal

5. A Le Creuset pet bowl – to complete your collection

Le Creuset Stoneware Pet Bowl | £25 at Amazon
If you collect Le Creuset cookware then their pet bowl is a must-have. It comes in the classic Volcanic Orange colour which we have, as well as Cerise and Marsielle. It also comes in two sizes and it’s dishwasher-safe with a wide base to make it difficult to tip. It looks great on display in a kitchen or utility room.View Deal

6. This igloo cat litter box – for privacy in modern homes

pidan Igloo Cat Litter Box

(Image credit: pidan)

pidan Igloo Cat Litter Box | £99 at Amazon
Cat litter boxes are, 9 times out of 10, very unsightly. This one we spotted at Amazon is surprisingly stylish as well as spacious enough for your cat to fit inside and jump out with ease. Lift the dome to clean it. It comes with a scoop that you can hide inside, too.View Deal

7. This luxurious Aēsop animal wash – for a shiny coat

Aēsop Animal Wash | £27 at Liberty London
For a shiny coat and a lovely smell, this Aēsop animal wash is worth all of the money in the world. It comes in a pump bottle for easy use, too, while it’s also vegan, cruelty-free and the packaging is sustainable. It’s infused with lemon, tea tree, spearmint and all of the good stuff to make your pet smell nice…View Deal

8. Stylish pet (and treat) food storage – for your kitchen or utility

Gio Set of 2 Pet Food Storage Pots

(Image credit: Made)

Gio Set of 2 Pet Food Storage Pots | £59 at Made
Store dry food in style in your kitchen or utility with help from these Made storage pots. They are made of Mango wood and black metal, while two pots and a scoop come included. One for dried food, another for dried treats. A lovely way to store your pet food if it needs to be on display.View Deal