The best Dell Inspiron laptops: All the new models, features, pricing and more

The best Dell Inspiron laptops: All the new models, features, pricing and more

The Dell Inspiron laptop line just got a huge refresh: five new models, spanning four display sizes (13-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch and 16-inch) and even including a 2-in-1 (360-degree convertible). Starting prices range from $550 to $950.

How do you decide which is best for you? We haven’t reviewed any of these models yet (many haven’t actually shipped yet), but we can walk you through their specs and features, and make some recommendations. (Be sure to check our roundup of the best laptops for complete reviews and ratings of models from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer and more.)

As we walk through the main specifications, keep in mind the limitations of the lower-end options. For instance, the Core i3 processor has a much lower boost clock than the Core i5 and Core i7 CPU options, meaning it will lag more in intensive tasks. You probably wouldn’t wish one with just 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD upon anyone unless they don’t do much, and don’t store anything locally. 

One more note: Windows 10 S is an option on some Inspiron SKUs. If your computing needs are basic, Windows 10 S may work just fine for you. However, if you want to branch out from Microsoft products, your options are limited to what’s available in the Windows Store—leaving many major third-party applications out of the picture. 

Dell Inspiron 13: Portability and power

Consider the Dell Inspiron 13 5310 if you need something small and light. Despite its size Dell offers a number of options among its primary components (including an entry-level discrete GPU), and a generous selection of ports. 

The latter is especially important, because it’s not fun to work on a 13-inch display all the time. An HDMI port, plus USB-C and Thunderbolt ports, means you can plug in a display directly or use a hub to add even more connectivity. 

dell inspiron 13 top keyboard platinum silver Dell

The Dell Inspiron 13 5310 offers the choice of backlit or non-backlit keyboards. 

Speaking of storage, there are two Intel Optane Memory H20 options with large SSDs. We tested the earlier generation of Optane technology and found it could help speed up some storage tasks. But if you’re not juggling piles of files, you could live without it.

Models appear to be trickling out gradually. We found a higher-end SKU with the Core i5 CPU and Iris Xe graphics, 8GB of RAM, FHD+ display, and 512GB SSD for $780 on AmazonRemove non-product link. This is a solid midrange choice, nothing to complain about—you could work and even game a little bit on it.