The Best Fire Tables

The Best Fire Tables

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a backyard and want a centerpiece for your outdoor space, you’ll want a fire table.

The best fire tables add warmth and ambiance to your backyard or patio, providing a space to gather around with friends and a heating source for outdoor movie nights or dinner al fresco.

How Does A Fire Table Work?

The best fire tables are larger than a fire pit, and use a propane tank attached to a burner to run, rather than burning wood. The tank is hidden beneath the table, and connected to the burner via a hose.

To start the table, you push the button on an electric starter, and turn a dial to control the intensity of the flame. If you’ve ever used a propane powered grill, you’ll be familiar with the process.

What Are The Best Fire Tables?

There are many factors to think about when choosing the right fire table for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Size: Fire tables are square or rectangular-shaped, and the ones we chose for this guide are between 28 and 56 inches long. We also made sure to include square and rectangular options. Fire tables are larger than fire pits, but you don’t have to take up backyard space storing wood, which can become unusable for a while after it rains. Instead, you can fire the table up in a couple of minutes, and be ready to hang out with guests.

Durability: Fire tables are large and pretty heavy, which means you’ll likely keep them outside for one or more seasons. We made sure the fire tables we picked were designed with materials that should withstand some rain, or come with a cover.

Heat output: In the United States, heat from flames is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units). The fire tables we’ve chosen range from 38,000 BTU to 50,000 BTU; both are enough to keep you warm when you’re close to it.

Propane tank storage: Fire tables run on propane, but keeping a tank next to them reduces their aesthetic value, and take up space. All of the fire tables in this guide have a space to hold the propane tank under them, and come equipped with a tube to easily attach them. Keep in mind you’ll have to get the propane tank separately.

1. Fixkit 30 Inch Propane Fire Table

Fixkit 30 Inch Propane Fire Table


Fixkit’s fire table is the smallest one in our guide, and the only one shaped like a square, but you’ll still get a lot of performance out of it.

It measures 30 inches across and 25 inches high, and produces 50,000 BTU of heat. The flame will be smaller than the ones made by larger tables, but it’ll get hot enough that you will notice if you’re on a smaller deck or patio.

This outer frame of this fire table is made out of iron and the burner is made out stainless steel; these durable materials will hold up if you use this fire pit frequently. Fixkit includes a weatherproof cover to prevent water from seeping into the fire table, so you can feel comfortable keeping it outdoors. Fixkit also includes a cover you can place over the burner, which keeps rain from seeping in, and allows you to use the fire table as a regular one.

One side of the table has a door that opens to reveal a space for your propane tank. This easy access will make this fire table easier to set up, and changing the propane tank when it’s empty will be less of a hassle.

If its smaller size works best for your space, Fixkit’s fire table is your best choice. For larger spaces, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Buy: Fixkit 30 Inch Propane Fire Table at $234.99

2. Legacy Heating Fire Table

Legacy Heating Fire Table


At 57 inches long, Legacy Heating’s fire table is the largest one on this list — that’s enough to determine whether or not it’ll work for your space. If the size works, though, you’ll appreciate all of its other features.

This fire table is made out of extruded aluminum, and has a stainless steel burner, and comes with a weather cover to keep it from getting damaged from the rain. Its flame reaches a maximum temperature of 50,000 BTU, and Legacy Heating includes clear, circular discs to fill the burner’s well.

This gives off a much nicer look than a single, aluminum rod. Although it’s not included, the company also has a tempered glass wind guard, to keep the flames from getting blown too far in one direction. Legacy Heating’s table has a door on one end for easy access to the propane tank, and the company says it can use tanks up to 20 pounds.

If you have the space, Legacy Heating’s fire table is a great option; it’s fully-featured, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to set up.

Buy: Legacy Heating Outdoor Fire Table at $589.99

3. Outland Living Fire Table

Outland Living Fire Table


If you’re looking for a fire table that offers a more elevated experience, Outland Living has the right one.

It’s 44 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 23 inches tall, which puts it in the mid-range size class compared to other fire tables in this guide. It’s made out of weather-resistant resin wicker and a 0.3-inch slab of black tempered glass. The fire table’s single burner is made out of stainless steel that produces flames up to 50,000BTU hot, and its handles and dial are made out of chrome.

These deluxe materials were designed to weather some storms, which is good because Outdoor Living doesn’t included a cover. It also doesn’t include a wind guard or glass lid, though all three are available separately. The company does include a 15.5 pound “arctic ice decorative glass rock set,” which matches the table’s upscale look.

Like the other fire tables in this guide, this one runs on a propane tank that weighs up to 20 pounds. It sits in a storage compartment accessible by taking most of the left side off. Unlike those other tables, Outdoor Living left the place hollow enough to have extra storage space — it looks large enough to hold a second propane tank.

This table was also designed to work with a natural gas line (a conversion kit is sold separately), so you may not even need a tank if you’re installing this table in a more permanent position. Outland Living bundled this fire table with a pair of torches, which run off 1lb propane tanks. There’s a storage space at the base of each torch to hold the tank, so you’ll stay safe. If you have a larger space, and like the idea of getting a fire pit you may be able to upgrade over time with optional accessories, this one gets our recommendation.

Buy: Outland Living Fire Table at $789.99

4. Akoya Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table

AKOYA Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table


Akoya’s Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table is a statement piece of furniture that will likely become the focal point of your entire backyard.

It measures just over 50 inches long and is made out of fiber concrete and steel that Akoya says has been painted with a durable finish. It has a heat output of 50,000BTU and can run on either a propane tank or natural gas (a conversion kit is required).

We like this fire table’s modern aesthetic, which will go with any of your existing backyard furniture. It doesn’t look like it’s part of a specific theme (a cabana, for instance), which is a definite plus. It’s also great that the table comes bundled with colored crystals, a protective cover, and a concrete lid instead of requiring you to get them separately.

This is a deluxe choice, but in line with other statement pieces of furniture. The materials are certainly more substantial (not to mention flame resistant) than wicker. If you’re redoing your entire backyard, or plan on hosting a lot of parties this summer, Akoya’s Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table is our recommendation.

Buy: Akoya Concrete Fire Table at $1,399.00

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