A Trends Conversation: Dr. Ken Grey on Holistic Approaches To Wellness

A Trends Conversation: Dr. Ken Grey on Holistic Approaches To Wellness

Dr. Ken Grey

Three hundred years after the first Medical Renaissance (1400-1700), a new trend is emerging – where wellness – a medical goal– has evolved from strictly curative strategies into more holistic, lifestyle-oriented, gestalt disciplines.

With integrative wellness practices, it is understood that health is a manifestation of balance, both within the body and between  body and  external environment. When one is internally balanced and in harmony with the external environment, energy may flow smoothly to nourish organs and tissues. By adjusting and stimulating the flow of energy through acupuncture, energy can stimulate the natural healing ability to maintain health, as it protects against imbalance and often, disease.

Dr Ken Grey – Acupuncture

The strategy of the Doctor of Oriental Medicine is to find areas of blocked energy, help remove those blocks, which in turn helps the body return to a more naturally balanced state.  Research into acupuncture as an alternative treatment has grown exponentially in the past 20 years, increasing at twice the rate of research into conventional biomedicine. (WebMD) 

Dr. Ken Grey is a well-known holistic DOM, Doctor of Oriental Medicine who has been practicing in Florida for many years.  He has a radio program, Maximum Health, is a holistic cookbook author, and fine artist. 

Recently we talked with him about his work, and what allowed him to have a greater interest in integrative, gestalt approaches, rather than in traditional western medicine.

JustLuxe: What led you to become a DOM, and a doctor who has deep interests in holistic medicine and acupuncture?

Dr. Grey: I was in a car accident in my early adulthood, that put me in the care of a chiropractor known to be the best in the Florida area. I was amazed at how he helped his patients, I asked him for a job and he hired me. My work as a chiropractic assistant led me to work in physical therapy, rehabilitation, then assisting in orthopedics. I learned early that much could be done from an integrated holistic approach. I knew I wanted to be a licensed primary holistic physician, and that search led me to the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine.

JustLuxe: Your professional goals involve helping patients with personal empowerment, wellness, through holistic education — what do you think are some of the challenges that your discipline faces now, post-pandemic and how do you think your discipline helps with these issues?

Dr. Grey: Now more than ever there is an excitement surrounding the possibilities present in the world of holistic medicine.   There appears to be a growing awareness that acupuncture, homeopathy, food therapy, aromatherapy, herbology can help those in emotional and physical pain.  

Dealing with the Covid-19  health crisis has revealed that we as a global community are still learning about significant opportunities for growth and acceptance of accountability for our own health and wellness outcomes. My discipline does more than define and work with symptom-based treatments. It addresses root causes and problem that branch from the roots. 


JustLuxe:  What are some of the challenges you see with the more traditional medical establishments as they work through problems that are seen to be post-pandemic – anxiety, addiction, depression, life changes, and loss.

Dr. Grey: Wellness and holistic health are terms that are being used more frequently, and the medical establishment is learning that treating symptoms solely with medication is not enough in a post-health crisis and an ongoing health crisis world. Anxiety, addiction, depression, life changes, and loss are always present, however there is a reason that these complaints and concerns have increased. I have been able to pioneer intra-operative acupuncture and holistic pre and post operative care to help with these symptoms.

JustLuxe: Have your helping abilities expanded into other arts, as the concepts of personal healing strategies expanded?

Global Wellness Institute ==2020

Dr. Grey: On any given day, I use a myriad of methods, whether a paint brush, acupuncture needles, orchestrating a meal or sharing the contributions of great minds and talents as a radio show host on my program, Maximum Health.  When asked how I am able to accomplish those things, my answer is always: It’s all the same: it’s all healing, it’s all art. Most of my creations — and most creations actually — are born with the intent of inspiring, enlightening and empowering. I co-authored Health in Balance which is a Holistic Cookbook known for its recipes, food therapy insights, and wine pairings. And, my paintings can be found in the homes of  collectors, galleries and the occasional museum. Most recently I was a featured artist at the Hunter Museum of American Art. 

JustLuxe: Knowing your patient base, how has acupuncture especially helped them with their various personal wellness challenges? How has your education in oriental medicine advantaged your  holistic health practice?

Dr. Grey: My patient base is eclectic, diverse and discerning. My education in oriental medicine has been a gift in my endeavor to be a holistic health practitioner.  While most enter the education process to learn “acupuncture”, Acupuncture for me is just one of the many tools in the tool belt, because of my licensure as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  It is my dream that patients will visit their doctors and instead of asking: “What will you give me, they will ask what will you teach me?”

JustLuxe: Can you tell me a little about the new application you will be launching in October, called VELL?  

Dr. Grey: VELL is the world’s first ever holistic health platform with a proprietary system and mobile app designed to optimize your health – on demand. It sits perfectly at the intersection of holistic health, wellness and technology, and focuses on pervasive ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and many others. Our integrative mind, body, soul approach empowers the users to be accountable for their health and to be the major architects of their healthier lives.


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