Top Gun 2021 High Static Scores

Top Gun 2021 High Static Scores

To provide a little insight as to how close the static scores can be at Top Gun and just how well these guys have to fly to be competitive, here the listing of Top Gun entries with the highest static scores. Each point is hard fought and no effort too great. If you plan to place, you can’t even give away a fractional point!

High Static, Expert Class

99.417                 Bret Becker                   Lockheed U-2C

High Static, Masters Class

95.833                 Rich Feroldi                  Davis D1K

High Static, Team Class

98.667               Wolvin/McDevitt FG-1D Corsair

High Static, Unlimited Class

99.083                 Best in the West           T-34B Mentor

High Static, X- Class

97.250                 Ralph Esposito              Tucano T-27

As expected, there were some really amazing models competing at this edition of Top Gun. I’ve attended all 33 and have to say that this year’s competition featured one of the largest number of truly outstanding replicas I’ve ever seen. They weren’t limited to one type either. Here’s why.  For the benefit of those of you that insist “rag” airplanes like Cubs, Champs and the like are simpler subjects and therefore easier to model. I’ve got a news flash, they aren’t!

While it may be true that a lot of the “new generation” jets and warbirds arrive at your door with a lot of panel lines, fastener details and hatches molded in at the factory, they are not always correct and frequently don’t match the documentation. The only solution for maximum score is to keep the “good” ones and re-do the incorrect ones.

Published at Mon, 24 May 2021 15:54:00 +0000