Street Scene Photo Contest: Check Out Last Year’s Finalists

Street Scene Photo Contest: Check Out Last Year’s Finalists

Last year, we received an impressive number of outstanding submissions, so we’re excited to see this year’s entries. You can check out last year’s finalist images in the slideshow below, and see the winners here.

This year’s contest, presented by Digital Photo and Imaging Resource, is open now through July 22, 2021.

Enter today for your chance to have your photography recognized and win exciting prizes including cash and photo gear.

“Untitled” by Andrew Kowalski


This image was taken in 2016 in downtown Los Angeles. At that time, I had recently been struggling with my own creativity and was trying to find ways to challenge myself. I decided to pick a different prime lens each week to go out and shoot street photography with, this particular week it was a 35mm prime lens. As I was wandering around a financial district of downtown LA that I hadn’t explored before, I walked past this building with huge floor to ceiling windows. What caught my eye immediately was how reflective and beautiful looking the marble flooring and walls were. I saw a man standing alone in silhouette in the lobby of the building and I knew I had to take a photo. I pressed my camera lens up to the glass to avoid rellections, and, as I was about to take the photo, the woman that is seen walking towards the camera emerged from the nearby elevator. As she walked towards me, I was able to snap about 3 or 4 consecutive shots before the security guard for the building saw me and shooed me away. The resulting image is one I am incredibly proud of, and I think it’s stark contrast, leading lines, silhouetted figures and reflections all combine to create a striking image. To me, this image truly emotes the serendipitous beauty in everyday life that street photography can yield.

Published at Wed, 09 Jun 2021 16:00:50 +0000