The top selling Prime Day home and fitness deals are no surprise… apart from the toilet brush

The top selling Prime Day home and fitness deals are no surprise… apart from the toilet brush

Amazon Prime Day hone and kitchen deals start in just two days. What should you expect? Discounts on all the product types and specific products collated below. That’s both at Amazon and in all the competing summer sales. Technically Amazon Prime ‘Day’ runs from June 21-22 – yes, that’s 2 days. However there are also deals aplenty in the days immediately before and after that. We’ll bring you all the best Prime Day deals as they appear, but before then, what kind of savings should you expect? 

Having covered Prime Day for years, I have a pretty good idea of what will be in the sales when it comes to the best Amazon Prime Day kitchen and home deals, and also what you, the people, actually shop for. Here are the best Amazon deals in (most of) the English speaking world right now.

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This is a broad category but the most popular items each year tend to be the best coffee makers, especially from Delonghi, the best vacuum cleaners, especially from Shark and useful kitchen gadgets. Instant Pot deals are always sought after, but with practically everyone in the world who wanted one now having bought a smart pressure cooker from Instant Pot or a rival brand, this year’s Prime Day attention is likely to turn to the best air fryers. Oh, and the other one that loads of punters want – without fail – is a Sodastream. Seriously, it’s like everyone wakes up on Prime Day with an inexplicable thirst for home-carbonated water.

The great thing about shopping for kitchen and home deals is that product life spans tend to be way longer than in most areas of consumer tech. There’s not seen as being any shame in buying an air fryer from 2 years ago, or an older Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner as it will do the same job just as well as newer models.

Away from things with electronics and moving parts, there will be great deals to be had on the best non-stick pans and saucepan sets and yes, TikTok users, that will include some of the best Le Creuset deals you’ll see all year.

Speaking of which, here’s a rundown of the best Amazon Prime Day home and kitchen deals we’re expecting. 

The best early Prime Day home and kitchen deals running now

Half price!

SodaStream Spirit | RRP: £100 | Now: £50 | Save £50 (50%)
SodaStream always brings it on Amazon Prime Day and this year it has SLASHED 50% off its SodaStream Spirit carbonation… machine… thing. You will need to quite literally ‘get busy with the fizzy’ as this offer ends on June 22. This is a great saving on a device that can make literally anything into a fizzy drink, from water to milk. Go on now: you must try it with milk. View Deal

Philips Viva Collection Airfryer XXL | RRP: £320 | Now: £250 | Save £70 (22%) at Amazon UK
The pick of the Philips deals so far is this XXL air fryer. It’s #1 in our air fryers top 10 due to its ease of use and consistently fine cooking results. As the name suggests, it can cook a lot of food in one go, which isn’t true of all air fryers by any means –  it can do 1.4kg of fries or a whole chicken, in fact. View Deal

Tower T17023 Air Fryer | RRP: £45 | Now: £28 | Save £17 at Amazon UK
This is another type of product that tends to do well on Prime Day: cheap products that are reduced to an even cheaper price. If you are on a budget or just want to dip your toe into air frying, you can’t really go wrong with an air fryer that costs about 30 quid. Features here are limited to a 30-minute timer and a temperature control but you do also get a three-year warranty.View Deal

Shark Powered Lift-Away NZ801UKT | RRP: £350 | Now: £219 | Save £131 (37%) at Amazon UK
Shark makes some great vacs. They not only clean well, they give every appearance of being able to survive a nuclear holocaust. This one is an upright that ‘lifts away’ from its base to become a cylinder vac, for powerful whole-house cleaning. It’s gone from £101 off to £131 off in the last 3 days.View Deal

Bosch IXO 6 | was £53 | Now £35 | Save £18
With variable speed – just squeeze the trigger lighter or harder to slow down or speed up – this latest iteration of the IXO electric screwdriver is handier than ever. At just £35, it would be most foolish to turn this offer down: View Deal

Bosch IXO 5 | Was £45 | Now £22.50 | Save £22.50 (half price!)
But wait, what’s this? The IXO 5 offers practically identical performance to the IXO 6 and today it is at a pocket money price that makes the 6 look positively overpriced. As an added bonus, it looks much more like a Star Trek phaser than the IXO 5. No variable speed here, however.View Deal